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About Pedal Pushers Group Cycle

Kimberly Rose
Owner of Pedal Pushers Group Cycle

Hi, I am Kimberly Rose a native to Nevada, born and raised in Reno. I moved to Northern California in my 20’s to develop a Hot Springs resort in Surprise Valley, CA which is owned and operated by the Rose family at present day.

I started traveling in my 40’s for a few years in Europe and across America exploring curiosities and finding what made my heart smile and dance. I explored work exchanges, permaculture, ranching, building with cob, design for fabric, tent camping and travel, massage schools and much more. The trip to Europe, opened a new love of bikes, in Denmark I stayed with a family that rode unicycles. The first moment, I met them, was at a gym where they were all practicing their riding skills on unicycles. The daughter in the family, about 16 at the time, rode a unicycle that had a 3 foot tall wheel. One rotation, would keep up with a normal bike pedaling at a standard pace. Denmark is known for the locals riding bikes everywhere, so the average trip to any city contained visions of many people riding bikes and loads of bikes parked, as people finished their tasks for the day or went to work.

So, then, I found myself in Germany, again the same thing, bike riding was a staple for everyday life. I was staying at an old water mill resort in Germany where they hosted Irish and Scottish music and events. There they had all kinds of bikes that I rode daily through the country side. The owners, happen to have recumbent bikes, which seemed like such a fun curiosity. There was a very special event that took place there and it gathered about 200 of us all on bikes, we dressed all the bikes with flowers and headed out into the country side, each one of us ringing our bells as we drove together! This added to a “deep bike love” and of experiencing things as a cycling group.

Then back in the states, I was watching a travel program and caught a site of a 15 man bike. It captured me from that minute and I knew someday, I wanted to own one! I carried the thought for a few years while traveling. I always searched downtowns for a perfect Pedal Pushers environment. This would require the right amount of people, draw, beauty and a flat downtown. This past winter while staying in Nevada City, the thought really occurred to me that Carson City was the Spot to begin the Pedal Pushers Group Cycle business. The downtown was just upgraded, it had all the things I had been looking for in my downtown search across America. I am honored and excited to be starting this new adventure in Carson City.


Come join Pedal Pushers and create your own story in motion!